• Save space in your home with furniture solutions for your bedroom, home office and kitchen

    Making the best use of the space in your home can enhance your living experience no end, and at our Preston fitted furniture showroom we'll show you how a few simple techniques and ideas can transform the way you use your home. You might be surprised at how much room there really is available!

    Key among our space-saving tips for homes in Lancashire and the north west is the use of bespoke fitted furniture to maximise the space available. An awkward alcove that would otherwise be forgotten can, with the use of an elegant made-to-measure desk, become a practical home office. A foldaway bed can change a box room into a guest bedroom quickly and easily. And sliding doors improve accessibility in even the narrowest spaces. Our friendly team will show you how clever use of space will give homes across Preston, Lancashire and the north west a new lease of life. Free Designer Visit

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    Kingston Fitted Bedrooms & Kitchens would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to all our of our customers, PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE, for the valued custom, loyalty and recommendations you have given our company. We hope you will continue to support our company and we hope you will have many years of pleasure and enjoyment from our range of furniture. As always our commitment to service, quality and our customers requirements are paramount.